Our Plea for Financial Assistance:

The Namibian Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture has taken a critical decision approximately 3 years back, to substantially decrease state aid or grants to Namibian schools. Unfortunately, this critical decision is expected to inflict a long-lasting (negative) effect on both the quality of education and on learners. This is due to the tension caused by overdue and much needed educational projects placed on hold and in some cases cancelled, a further backdrop or delays on infrastructural development, escalation in backlog/deficit on educational resources, lack of qualified teachers combined with a huge deficit of teachers in general etc. The Namibian Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture has taken a further critical decision this year (2019) that was relayed to us by the Regional Director on the 03rd of September 2019, inter alia, that the Swakopmund Christian Academy’s state aid has been terminated in full. Further, that it is expected that the school “retain the 10% of marginalized learners that they (we) took in as per the requirement of government subsidy”. Swakopmund Christian Academy, as a result of the aforesaid actions or lack thereof, has incurred a substantial loss in cash flow to the value of approximately N$300000 of state aid applied for during the academic period 2017-2019 coupled with a deficit of approximately N$20000 p/m. The school has taken up this matter with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

Apart from the aforesaid predicament, and to make things even worse, our country Namibia has been engulfed in a “prolonged recession experience over the past two (three) years” as a result, the already alarming child/learner poverty levels have reached staggering numbers. Quality education and accessibility has been conflicted by the injustices of inequality, unaffordability, poverty, unemployment and a staggering sophisticated corruption. As a result underprivileged parents are forced to place their children in ailing government schools whilst private school education in our region/country is very expensive and in many instances totally exclusive.


Thus, the Swakopmund Christian Academy is placed under very harsh economic conditions as a result of the above said matter, however, continues to cater for mainly underprivileged learners, and in some cases learners who otherwise cannot fit in at government schools. This situation, due to circumstances beyond our control, is untenable and burdensome, hence our exerted effort and resolute to "fight the good fight" and to seek assistance from an external SOURCE. At current, we solely depend on our parental contributions by means of the monthly learner tuition as our only source of income.


Any good willed organization and/or person is invited to donate any whatsoever financial contribution no matter how small. Donations can be made directly into the following banking details. Please forward your proof of payment via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Account Name: 

 Swakopmund Christian Academy Development Fund

Account Number: 


Banking Institution: 

Standard Bank Namibia, Swakopmund Branch

Branch Number: 



You are also welcome to donate ship containers or wendy houses, office or  classroom furniture, gym equipment, computer equipment, toys, library books, stationery, playground facilities, building materials, paint, food, clothing, blankets etc.


Thank you for your gift!


The amount or items you have given will make a world of difference in the lives of our learners, the proceeds will help with giving underprivileged learners access to good education and thus transforming their lives drastically.

“Education is the most powerful weapon

which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela